Our Services

What can D & I Associates help me with? 

We can assist you with any of the following:

Renovations and additions:

  • Adding a skylight.
  • Adding or extending a room to the existing structure.
  • Demolishing of walls to create an open-plan space or increase room size.
  • Assessing/understanding the wall that needs to be demolished, whether it’s a load-bearing wall and relevant requirements. 
  • Removing or demolishing a support column.
  • Extension of a house by demolishing an external wall, creating more space by going up a floor, demolishing a first floor/roof slab. 
  • Adding on an external entertainment area.
  • Introducing covered parking. 
  • Creating or adding another room on your first-floor area by introducing a slab/covering up to create an additional bedroom, etc.
  • The addition of garages. 
  • Introduction of a sliding door.
  • Advice/consulting on joining existing and new roof connections when an additional room is being introduced on the first floor.

Reports and solutions on existing structures:

  • Boundary walls that are falling apart.
  • Internal, and external walls that are cracking.
  • Ground floor, first floor, and roof slabs that are cracked.
  • Water seepage/entering causing damage and water leaks.

Significant renovations:

  • Converting a single storey to a double storey. 
  • Look at existing foundations and existing walls which were built with a single storey in mind.


  • Changes to any of the existing ones, replace, alter, change from concrete to steel, the introduction of another staircase, or the addition of a fire escape staircase. 


  • To ensure that the building is structurally sound when you are buying a home.